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Different fees are applicable for Students/ or PhD candidates/ or Unemployed and non Students/ or non PhD candidates/ or non Unemployed; and for Retired participants.

Student/ or PhD candidate / or Unemployed registration fees cost 50 euros until 17 July and 80 euros after 17 July.

Retired participants' fees are 80 euros until 17 July and 100 euros after 17 July. 

Non student/ or non PhD candidate/ or non Unemployed registration fees cost 150 euros until 17 July and 200 euros after 17 July.

After registration, Student/ or PhD/ or Unemployment; or Retirement certificates must be sent to: julie.castrec@univ-paris-diderot.fr

Registration fees include Lunch meals and coffee breaks of September the 12th, 13th and 14th and also conference bag, conference materials, it gives access to all sessions.

There will be a gala dinner organised by L'Oréal Foundation. For the gala dinner, which comprises a boat cruise on the river Seine, a contribution of 25€ is asked from each participant at the Registration to the Conference (Online registration). For more information, please go to Gala Dinner.

To register, please go to Online registration




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